Take a flying start

with Pro-Pay's payroll service

Leave your personnel administration

to the Pro-Pay experts

Pro-Pay navigates you safely

through the salary landscape

Aces in Payroll Management

What would you say if there were not one but ten different pilots handling the control stick of the airplane? One to take off, one to fly, one to swerve, one to descend, one to land...  Nonsense?


Well, that's what we think too. Pro-Pay is not an average belgian payroll provider (or social secretariat). Therefore, at Pro-Pay, you only have one contact. One account manager who looks after your entire payroll, from a to z. One person, who not only calculates your employees' wages, but also proactively gives you advice. One who also navigates you through the complex social and fiscal legislation in Belgium. Lean back and let the Pro-Pay pilot in control. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on the deal you soon will close, after touch-down.




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