We are a small and fun group, everyone knows each other. This combination makes Pro-Pay stand out. We prioritize quality over quantity and that's the reason why we assist our clients with everything, we work with and for them from A to Z. This way of working allows us to constantly learn and improve.

The ability to work at home has also been an important factor to me. And, of course, the staff parties and events are really fun!”

Tom (Senior Manager) 14 years @ Pro-Pay

"If you are passionate and have the willingness to do your best, Pro-Pay is the right place for you. As payroll business partner, you do everything for your clients. You cover a range of topics from social law, social security, tax, expats, etc. We are super professional and the best on the market!

Also, Pro-Pay really is a second home for me, I feel good here. Your talents and interests are taken into account and you have the opportunity to specialize and to grow, which is motivating."

Yona - 6 years @ Pro-Pay

"Colleagues here stick up for each other. Our work may seem like a routine, but since you do everything yourself, it's actually very varied. This makes the job instructive, which consequently motivates you to think on your own and to think along with your clients. Through numerous trainings you stay informed about new developments, which you use to better assist them.

There are stressful moments though, mostly at the end of the month. But this is compensated by the pleasant work atmosphere and great colleagues."

Lien 12 years @ Pro-Pay

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